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With Basic obedience we (you & I) will train your dog to walk nicely on a leash, sit, stay, lie down, and come. As with all successful dog training, consistency is key and all trained behaviors will require reinforcement at home. We’ll cover all the basics together as I train your dog WITH you, so you’ll be armed with all you need to be successful. 

Start your new best friend with a leg up on life.  Training focused on building confidence and teaching your puppy what is expected of them using positive reinforcement and ‘play centric’ activities. Puppy’s are little sponges that learn very quickly, but their small attention spans means their focus comes in shorter spurts. Puppy training is all about shorter sessions just more of them.

I can help with introducing a new dog into the pack.  Also, being able to take your dog out and about without fearing that he/she will have problems with people or dogs.

Maybe your dog already knows all the basics, but you are having one particular problem.  While I can’t say I can solve any and all problems your dog may have (and no trainer really can) I have a wealth of experience breaking many bad habits including barking, digging, chewing up items, and more…

Your dog will have just as much fun with these tricks as you will.  Some fun behaviors include waving, taking a bow, crawling, playing dead, and much much more.

Each Therapy dog organization has different requirements that your dog must meet to become a registered Therapy Dog.  I will help you decide which organization you want to register with and than make sure your dog has all the skills he/she needs to pass the test.

This is something that is a 24/7 job, so you will actually be doing the training, but I will arm you with all the knowledge you need to do is successfully.

Many people fear that a new baby will be a devastating experience for the family dog, but if handled right, your four legged friend will likely be welcoming the baby with open paws.

If left unchecked fears and anxieties can cripple your dog’s well being.  I will help diagnose the cause of the fear or anxiety and determine a plan for overcoming it. Separation Anxiety affects 1 in 5 dogs to some degree, and I can help you figure out which kind of separation anxiety your dog has and how to manage it.

While I believe each and every dog is wonderful in their own way, some dogs simply thrive better in a certain situation.  For example, if you have small children you want to make sure you get an outgoing and confident dog because children can overwhelm a shy dog.  On the other hand, a shy dog just might be the perfect match for people who want a calm, devoted, & loving dog who loves hanging out on the couch and watching TV.