Kristy Gerosky (formerly Kristy Campbell) moved from Eugene, Oregon to Los Angeles, California right after high school graduation to attend Moorpark College’s prestigious Exotic Animal Training and Management (EATM) program. At the age of 12, she had visited the live “Animal Actors Show” at Universal Studios, and from that moment there was no doubt in her mind that she would devote her life to training animals. Upon graduating from Moorpark in 1996, she went to work for one of the largest movie and television training companies in the entertainment industry.

She began by training and performing in the Animal Actors show at Universal Studios with several types of animals, where she was mentored by many of the best studio trainers in the business.  Eventually she became a studio trainer and had a successful career training animals for both television and movies. Although she loved working with a variety of species, working with dogs was her main focus and true passion.

After marrying and having children, she decided the travel and long work hours for her film and television jobs would not be conducive to spending much time with family.  Although she continues to do occasional film and television work, she opted not to return full time. Instead, she followed her passion for working with dogs and launched The Courteous Canine in January of 2015.

In addition to private dog training, Kristy has volunteered with Therapy Dogs Inc. where she took her dog Eddie to a retirement home and a VA hospital.  She and Eddie also contributed their time at local libraries in a program called BARK (Beach Animals Reading with Kids) where children got the opportunity to practice reading to the volunteer dogs. Kristy also volunteers her time weekly to training rescue dogs at Pet Orphans of Southern California.